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If you need to ship cargo of any kind and size, refer to our International Cargo Shipping Directory to find the shipping company in Italy that will take care of your cargo and meet all your shipment requirements. All profiled companies provide quality cargo shipment services with affordable rates.

Services represented in the International Cargo Shipping Directory include Cargo pick-up and delivery from your warehouse or factory to the final point at destination, customs clearance.
Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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Careful services from international shipping companies from all over the world offered. Just specify your interested destination and find local company for the most convenient transportation and moving worldwide.

Finbeta Spa
ASCT International SpA
Finbeta S.p.a. is an Italian shipping company based in Savona. We operate a fleet of chemical parcel tankers.   ASCT was founded in 1988. With our present activity in both the export and in the import sectors, we stand in a leading position in various markets, i.e. in USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and other.
Alitalia Cargo
Combimar & Agemar Srl
Alitalia Cargo is an Italian company with over 50 years of activity in the air logistics field.   Established in 1993 by merging two previously independent sea freight consolidators, Combimar & Agemar Srl (C&A) has become one of the leading operators in Italy.
Fagioli Group
ITX Cargo Milano S.r.l.
Fagioli, originally a transport business was created in 1955. We operate in the market of handling and transportation of goods throughout worldwide.   ITX Cargo is a structure specialised in international transports with Scandinavian countries.
M.C. International S.r.l.
Maxicargo International SPA
M.C. International was founded in the mid 80ies. In 1993 the company became an official IATA Cargo Agent.   Since 1988, Maxicargo International Spa has operated in the field of transportation.

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